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Dutch death/thrash metal


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 Persistense (NL)

Dutch death/thrash metal









Deventer metalband Grim Ordeal is het best te omschrijven met 'Straight in your face!'. De muziek van Grim Ordeal bevindt zich ergens op de scheidingslijn van thrash metal, groove metal en metalcore. Technische gitaarpartijen, ruige vocalen en tempowisselingen zorgen voor de Grim Ordeal sound.

In de winter van 2011 heeft Grim Ordeal een 3-track demo uitgebracht, welke goed is ontvangen door het publiek en heeft een aantal goede recensies ontvangen door verschillende magazines/
e-zines zoals Lords of Metal, Wings of Death, Aardschok en Zware Metalen. Op deze demo staan drie nummers, welke de sound van de band uitstekend weergeeft.

In de afgelopen jaren heeft Grim Ordeal onder andere opgetreden met bands als Malevolent Creation, Izegrim, Sacred Reich, The Lucifer Principle, Erebus, The Monolith Deathcult en meer. In de zomer van 2012 was de eer aan Grim Ordeal om als enigste support van Sacred Reich op te treden in Hedon, Zwolle.

Na het laatste optreden van 2012, heeft Grim Ordeal besloten om zich terug te trekken in de studio om te werken aan nieuwe nummers voor een full lenght album. In deze periode hebben we de lat nog hoger proberen te leggen en zeer kritisch aan alle aspecten van de band gewerkt, wat geresulteerd heeft in het album 'A Tragedy Unfolds'. Het album is in samenwerking met JB van der Wal (Herder/Aborted) opgenomen en bevat 9 nummers, waarvan een aantal 'oude' nummers herschreven zijn en een aantal nieuwe nummers zoals 'The Shade of Black Water', 'Breathing the Dark' en 'My Tragedy Unfolds'.


 Power of Metal.DK
"This band has definitely metal core roots and influences in their music, but they add lots of groove and thrash influences to it. Sure there are indeed a lot more bands doing the same, but not all with success. Grim Ordeal is a band that combines these influences in a rather unique way." "The final track combines very fast parts with slower ones and has some Machine Head beeping guitar sounds in it and with the brutal singing of Otto all over it, the song sounds like Machine Head
jamming with Gorefest. Fans of the bands that I mentioned above have to check this out for certain."   - score 80 out 100

Line-up 2016 :

Vocals : Otto Donk
Guitar : Raymond Groenink
Guitar : Edwin Kral
Bass - Bryan Zwier
Drums -  Rob Pol






Dutch thrash/death metal

 Persistense, a contraction of the words ‘to persist’ and ‘intense’ has been on the metallic march since the year 2000.
Persistense’s music is rooted in the thrash death genre, however the various elements in their music are numerous and wide spread.
Everything from thrash, death, extreme, to even having the classic metal elements all come together within this metal addicted five-piece, and develops into what could be called illustrious in both form and raw explosiveness.

In the past years, Persistense played a lot of shows, together with a variety of other great acts, such as Testament (US), Détente (US), Anger As Art US), Bitch (US),Chugger (SE), Hail of Bullets, Devious, Pleurisy , Inhume, Leng T'Che and many others.

Persistense’s debut album, ‘In Blood And Heart’, was released by Deity Down Records.
The release was followed by a blasting CD presentation and a truckload of shows all over The Netherlands, a couple of minitours in Germany and some shows in Belgium.

Also the album was well received by the media which resulted in a lot of positive reviews and some nice interviews.

“This band really does have all of the makings and talent to be a amazing force in metal” (Metalbite)

“All of the ingredients of metal that you love are all brought together in a symphony of blissful chaos” (Metallife)

“The tracks compose one of the better debut albums a band has released” (Metalforge)

Persistense plays to entertain the crowd and to have as much fun as possible on stage. Persistense has a ‘plug in and play as loud as you can’ attitude with a very pure, emotional and ‘not your standard’ frontman.
“With Stefan you never know what will happen and that’s the beauty and charm of playing in Persistense”

Line-up 2016:
Vocals - Stefan van Vugt
Guitar - Ralf van der Horst
Guitar - Marcel den Breejen
Bass - Chris Rossall
Drums - Patrick Hermans