Welcome at The Prophecy Artist & Bookings Agency


The Prophecy Agency is a small but professional bookings agency based in The Netherlands.
Stefan van Vugt is the owner and started this agency in the year 2004.


We have worked or still work with:

Pleurisy, Persistense, The Dying (BE), Bodyfarm, Murder Manifest, CiliCe, Escadron, Devious, Engine Of Pain, Room no.13,The Embodiment, Birthmark KhaoZ, Houwitser, I Chaos, Sinister, Massive Assault , Pandemia (CZ), Crimson Falls (BE),Braincasket, Victimizer ,The Invict and many more.


For details please contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

We work with metalbands (thrash/rock/death(core) etc.) only !

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KvK s'-Hertogenbosch 17167569