Welcome at The Prophecy Artist & Bookings Agency


The Prophecy Agency is a small but professional bookings agency based in The Netherlands.
Stefan van Vugt is the owner and started this agency in the year 2004.


We have worked or still work with:

Pleurisy, Persistense, The Dying (BE), Bodyfarm, Murder Manifest, CiliCe, Escadron, Devious, Engine Of Pain, Room no.13,The Embodiment, Birthmark KhaoZ, Houwitser, I Chaos, Sinister, Massive Assault , Pandemia (CZ), Crimson Falls (BE),Braincasket, Victimizer and many more.


For details please contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

We work with metalbands (thrash/rock/death(core) etc.) only !

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KvK s'-Hertogenbosch 17167569